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Local Buyer & Collectors Buying Estates, Gold, Coins, Silver + thumbnail image
Local Buyer and Collectors currently Buying Estates, Antiques, Gold, Silver, Jewellery, Coins, Vi...
Ad Id:27861161
Renewed:December 11, 2023
Impressive Large Mouth Bass Sculpture For Sale thumbnail image
Impressive Large Mouth Bass Sculpture For Sale. A Beautiful Hollow Plaster Casting Adorned With S...
Ad Id:23755255
Renewed:December 3, 2023
We Buy Antiques, Collectibles, Coins, Silver, Gold, Art, Estates thumbnail image
We Buy Antique Art including: Vases, Paintings, Sterling, Native Art, Jewellery, Art Glass, Potte...
Central Okanagan
Ad Id:26666917
Renewed:November 24, 2023
Looking to Purchase RCM Coins, Coin Collections, Silver, Gold Coins + thumbnail image
Looking to purchase Royal Canadian Mint Coin Collections, Proof Sets, Mint Sets, Specialty Coins,...
Central Okanagan
Ad Id:26913272
Renewed:November 20, 2023
Wanted: Studio made art pottery thumbnail image
Hand built, artist made pottery wanted by collector. Looking for pieces made by BC and Canadian a...
Central Okanagan
Ad Id:39009062
Renewed:November 13, 2023
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